If you’re looking at doing your undergraduate or graduate degree online, you probably know all about the benefits. It’s a lot easier to fit schooling into your life if you’re able to make your own schedule and can keep working. Many online schools today make it easy to go back to school, but there’s definitely a cost associated with getting an additional degree. You’ll need to pay for tuition, school fees, and textbooks, just for a start. However, if you look at it long-term, getting a degree is a great investment in your future. Beyond just career advancement, you’ll learn to balance your schedule and make connections in your peer group and with academic and professional mentors along with way.

There are so many options available today that it can be difficult to make a decision about which school to attend. If you need to choose an option that’s affordable and can accommodate part-time schooling, make sure that you check out the various policies and fees associated with each school’s online courses. Many schools waive fees like the recreation fee or building fees that are typically levied against in-person students, while others apply them to every student regardless of where they’re studying. Some schools offer great scholarships and are happy to reduce costs for in-state students. You just need to do the research and ask questions. Keep in mind that schools that seem too good to be true sometimes are, so make sure to check for current accreditation before paying any fees.

To start you off, we’re profiling 10 of the most affordable part-time online degree programs in the United States today.

1. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management – University of Florida

There are 19 separate bachelor’s degrees that are offered at the University of Florida’s online campus, including several different Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Health Science, and Bachelor of Science programs.

One program that could have a real impact in the future is their B.S. in Environmental Management, which offers students the opportunity to learn about agriculture and farming, and how natural resource management and environmental science can be used to keep the industry on track. Tuition for Florida residents is only $129 per credit hour and goes up to a still-affordable $212 per credit hour for non-residents. Military families are eligible for out-of-state tuition waivers.

The University of Florida has a graduation rate of more than 85 percent. Graduates from the B.S. programs have gone on to careers in agriculture, conservation, and ecology.

2. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Thomas Edison State University

There are a wide variety of programs at Thomas Edison State University, including dozens of options for post-graduate degrees. This school is one of the most affordable online options for college because they offer students the option to pay a yearly flat fee and enroll in as many course hours as they can fit into their schedule.

One of their popular options for a post-secondary degree is the B.S. in Information Technology, which teaches students everything they need to know about computers, programming languages, and how to manage informational systems. Students of this program go on to work in the IT field, managing the online infrastructure for busy companies all over the globe.

Tuition at TESU is $7,519 per year for New Jersey residents and $9,967 if you’re coming in from out of state. This fee doesn’t include books or any other learning materials necessary for course work.

3. Bachelor of Science in Psychology – University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers a wide variety of degrees and certification programs in various liberal arts and science subjects. One of their most popular degrees is their Bachelor of Science in Psychology, which students can complete in just 120 credit hours. Students start by studying the basics of statistical analysis and research methods but are encouraged to learn in a hands-on way through fieldwork and internships, which can be arranged through UCF’s College of Science. After graduation, many Psychology graduates go on to careers in counseling, mental health care, or they may continue with their education and become a certified psychologist or licensed therapist.

Tuition for UCF’s online courses costs in-state students $179 per credit hour or $383 for non-residents. Even though UCF is less expensive than most other schools, they have lots of resources for all their students, even those that are taking 100 percent of their classes online.

4. Bachelor of Arts/Science in Economics – Utah State University

Located in Logan, Utah, Utah State University is known as one of the most affordable schools in the United States. They accept students right out of high school, but they also have great resources for students who are transferring from another school and want to apply their existing credits to a new degree. They offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in subjects ranging from Family Life Studies to Business Administration and Aviation Science, as well as a range of certificates and associate degrees.

In particular, students in their Economics program can choose whether to get a Bachelor of Arts or Science, but all students will cover basic subjects like algebra, microeconomics, and introduction to economic history. After graduation, students can continue their studies, or work in fields like asset management, financial planning, or insurance.

Tuition for each credit hour typically costs $338, or you can pay $4,056 per semester.

5. Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science – University of Houston- Victoria

The University of Houston-Victoria offers a variety of post-secondary degree programs online, including a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science which is available to students who have already completed a vocational or technical training program and want to upgrade their degree. These BAAS degrees make graduates much more competitive in crowded industries like biotechnology, communications, and marketing. Communications is one of their most popular concentrations, and gives students a great baseline of liberal arts knowledge, with classes in history, political science, professional writing, and public speaking. Studying for your BAAS through the University of Houston’s online program typically costs $294 per credit hour for residents and $709 for non-residents.

6. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Florida International University

Located in Miami, Florida International University offers 12 unique bachelor’s degree programs that are taught by the same instructors that run their on-campus programs. Students can use their online resources to obtain their bachelor’s degree in subjects like Asian studies, computer science, or electrical engineering.

In particular, the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering offers students everything they need to fulfill prerequisites for a master’s or even doctorate degree. Students learn the basics of electronics and electromagnetism, nanotechnology, and bio-engineering, in the hopes of becoming the critical thinkers and problem solvers necessary to the industry’s success. After graduation, many students go on to higher education, while some students go on to work as electrical engineers or consultants in a variety of industries.

Out-of-state students pay $329 in tuition per credit hour, while in-state students only pay $212.

7. Bachelor of Arts in Global Health – Arizona State University

If you want to study for your post-secondary degree but don’t know when you can find the time to enroll, Arizona State University offers rolling acceptances and six different start dates throughout the year. Students have the choice of 140 different online degrees, which range from exploratory degrees to fully accredited master’s degrees.

One unique program that’s offered at ASU is Global Health, which is administered through their College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Students focus on disease, health, and well-being across the globe, and learn about the ways that they can collaborate with others to create effective solutions. This degree involves a practical component, such as a placement in a clinic outside of the United States. Tuition for undergraduate students costs anywhere between $520 and $728 per credit hour, but each semester’s tuition is capped at 11 credit hours, so students will pay a maximum of $12,678 per semester.

8. Teacher Certification Degree – Western Governors University

There are four colleges at Salt Lake City’s Western Governor’s University that offer online degrees — the Colleges of Business, Information Technology, Health Professions, and the Teacher’s College. They also offer an RN to BSN program, which helps registered nurses achieve an advanced degree while they’re at work.

Teachers who want to achieve both their bachelor’s degree and teaching license at the same time can work their way through WGU’s licensure program, which can take as little as 48 months to be fully certified. This program only costs $3,520 per six-month term. It’s a great way for aspiring teachers or people who are mid-career to quickly dive into a career that they love. Many students who take this program end up working in schools much faster than their peers who go through the traditional post-secondary model.

9. Allied Health Major – Towson University

Located in Towson, Maryland, Towson University offers two tracks in their allied health program completely online through the Department of Health Sciences. Students can choose whether they’d like to focus on management and administration, which will lead them towards a leadership role in the health care industry, or the respiratory therapy track, which teaches them the basics of respiratory care and all the skills necessary to become a qualified respiratory care practitioner. These degrees both allow for the transfer of up to 64 credits from another school or community college. Tuition for each semester is $9,940 or $23,208 depending on residency, but if students are able to transfer credits from another college, it’s likely that they can finish their schooling in less than three years.

10. Bachelor of Arts/Science in Intelligence and Security Studies – Bellevue University

Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska offers a ton of options for their online bachelor’s degrees, including several that are only available through their online portal.

One of the degrees that’s exclusively available online is their Bachelor of Arts and Science in Intelligence and Security Studies. This program gives students the ability to approach this complex topic through an interdisciplinary lens. Classes cover political science, history, international economics, and homeland security. At the end of their degree, students will have developed a specific focus in one region of the globe through their coursework and hands-on learning.

Tuition to Bellevue University costs $415 per credit hour. Plus, they don’t differentiate between in-state and out-of-state tuition.

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