If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you may want to consider enrolling in an MBA program that specializes in entrepreneurship. Luckily, there are plenty of MBA programs in the United States that are dedicated to helping set up students for success in terms of starting their own business.

According to U.S. News & World Report, attending a business school with a focus on entrepreneurship can help channel creativity, as well as it provides an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

Through earning your MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, you will gain the confidence to launch your own ventures. Here are the top 10 schools in the U.S. for entrepreneurs.

1. Olin Graduate School of Business, Babson College

Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 12 months
  • Part-time: 35 months

Olin Graduate School at Babson College has been rated number one for entrepreneurs, according to U.S News & World Report. Though Olin does specialize in other sectors of business such as accounting, economics, finance, general management, it places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurialism.

This is shown through Olin’s MBA curriculum, which focuses on ethics, integration, teamwork, and entrepreneurial thinking. The faculty at Olin is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, executives, and researchers. No matter which one of the school’s four MBA programs students choose, they will graduate with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Babson College has specifically designed their MBA to be student-focused, meaning their mission is to create entrepreneurs with economic and social values. Full-time MBA students at Olin are required to participate experiential learning through the Babson Consulting Alliance program. This program allows students to gain real-world experience by engaging in a series of projects to tackle real-world problems.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Location: Stanford, California

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 24 months

Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) is one of the most prestigious private institutions in the United States. Stanford GSB is best known for the support they offer to entrepreneurial students. This support includes world-class resources, innovative signature programs, and opportunities to network with like-minded students.

Some of the entrepreneurship courses students at GSB include courses on startup design and how to create a new venture, along with other courses that spark creativity. Entrepreneurial students will also engage in a Startup Garage course where students learn how to apply design thinking and startup methodologies. Students will work in teams of two to five to design, prototype, and test a novel product or service.

3. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 24 months
  • Full-time Fellow MBA Program: 12 months

MIT Sloan is another program that is great for students with an entrepreneurial mindset. The flagship MBA is a full-time program that is completed over the course of two years.

Also, MIT Sloan offers an immersive, one-year, full-time Fellow MBA program that is perfect for high-potential leaders looking to build a network of colleagues for a range of for-profit and non-profit entrepreneurial endeavors.

For those with less entrepreneurial experience, the two-year MBA MIT Sloan program might be the best option. The program combines classroom lectures led by industry faculty with hands-on projects that have a global focus. MBA students can choose from a variety of specializations including enterprise management, entrepreneurship and innovation, and finance.

A study conducted in 2015, shows that MIT alumni entrepreneurs have created millions of jobs and their companies have generated revenues of nearly $2 trillion, according to MIT’s website.

Recently, three MIT Sloan alumni were named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list of 2019.

4. Harvard Business School, Harvard University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 24 months

Harvard Business School (HBS) is an Ivy League School in Boston, Massachusetts. The MBA curriculum has a strong emphasis on real-life experiences through courses that prepare students for global business opportunities.

HBS also emphasize entrepreneurship and innovation by giving students the opportunity to explore new ventures, connect with entrepreneurs, and participate in courses that are team-based. Students will be able to show off their new entrepreneurial skills through the new Harvard Innovations Labs.

The full-time MBA program also included a Field Immersion Experiences Leadership Development (FIELD) component where students participate in a series of interactive workshops to help them with interpersonal and leadership skills.

5. Haas School of Business, University of California

Location: Berkeley, California

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 21 months
  • Part-time (Evening & Weekend): 24 to 26 months

Haas School of Business at the University of California is one of the world’s leading institutions for the study of entrepreneurship. After all, the San Francisco Bay area has long been a leader in new venture business ideas and product creations.

If you’re looking for an MBA program that will prepare you to start an entrepreneurial career or will allow you to take leading roles in startup companies, Berkeley MBA is the right choice.

Since it’s right in the center of Silicon Valley, Berkeley is truly the hub for innovation. With the many activities such as startup competitions, cross-campus mixers, and Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forums, MBA students are sure to get the most out of their studies.

Some of the MBA entrepreneurship coursework includes:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Social Entrepreneurship
  3. Venture Capital and Private Equity
  4. New Venture Finance
  5. The Lean Launchpad & Social Lean Launchpad
  6. Speakers series on venture capital, private equity, and social impact.

Berkeley Haas prepares students to venture into the world of entrepreneurship through the many programs they have such as mentorship and peer support. Berkeley gives students the toolkit necessary to make their business idea(s) a reality.

6. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 20 months

Did you know that the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania was the first business school in the United States? Right now, it has the largest MBA alumni network in the country.

The 20-month Wharton MBA program consists of core business management courses, along with electives. Students interested in entrepreneurship can select it as their major, as well as select additional elections in other areas to get the most out of the MBA program.

Students who chose to major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will engage in a variety of courses that will provide them with the right skills, analytical tools, and experiences to prepare for the world of entrepreneurship. This major will immerse students in real-life experiences by having them create real business plans, while also receiving mentorship from entrepreneur business leaders.

The program is offered at the Philadelphia campus, however, students can apply to complete one semester of study at the San Francisco campus.

7. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 20 months
  • Part-time: 24 months

The Michigan Ross MBA Program is action-based, which means students will be actively engaging in core concepts that will help them to identify real-world problems.

During the 20-month full-time MBA program, students will gain valuable hands-on experience through the school’s signature Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP) course. As such, MBA students will be required to participate in a seven-week full-time project that takes on a real-world business challenge.

The goal at Ross is to provide students with an opportunity to grow both their personal and professional success. At Ross, students will be able to connect with like-minded people, as well as successful entrepreneur alumni.

8. Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Location: Los Angeles, California

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 22 months
  • Part-time: 33 months

Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California (USC) combines the best of everything in terms of innovative curriculum, expert faculty, and a prime location.

USC Marshall MBA curriculum prepares students for the real world. As a well-established business program, it helps students build up their business portfolio. Some of Marshall’s core principles include global thinking, entrepreneurial action, and equality of opportunity and treatment.

Their MBA program combines both theory and practical approach. USC Marshall strongly values entrepreneurship and global leadership.

9. Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time
  • Online

The Kelley MBA program at Indiana University is known for its quality, and it’s a program that attracts students from all areas of the globe. Kelley School of Business is also a top entrepreneurship program in the United States.

The MBA program gives students the skills they need to be a “complete manager,” according to the school’s website. As such, students can choose from two majors and minors:

  1. MBA in Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation
  2. MBA in Management

Students who choose a major or a minor in Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation are eligible to join the Entrepreneurial Innovation Academy. Members will learn how to raise capital and how to properly analyze companies or industry gaps. Students will also be able to attend the Velocity Conference on entrepreneurial careers. This conference is a great opportunity for students to network with successful entrepreneurs from around the country.

10. Mccombs School of Business, University of Texas

Location: Austin, Texas

The MBA Program is offered:

  • Full-time: 24 months

Mccombs two-year MBA program gives students the opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills, along with expanded their professional network. Actually, according to the school’s website, Austin, Texas is the most entrepreneurial city in the United States.

The program is both challenging and inspiriting, plus it can be students can tailor their courses to meet their career goals.

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