A master’s in business administration is an advanced degree that can open you and your career to plenty of new opportunities – with an MBA on your resume, you’ll become a candidate for high-paying professions, be able to find work in any industry, and ready to run any aspect of business.

But choosing which MBA program is the best for you to earn your master’s degree from can be difficult. There are plenty of quality MBA programs out there, but if you’re looking for the top of the bunch, you’ll only want to consider certain universities’ programs.

These are the best MBA programs you’ll find in Europe.

1. Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

London, UK

The Saïd Business School is right in the heart of one of the world’s financial centers and offers a vast variety of choices for MBA students. But the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School is truly unparalleled. MBA students can choose from two different program types: a 1-year MBA program and a 1 + 1 program. Students who choose the 1 + 1 program spend one year studying a field of their choice, earning a master’s in that subject, followed by one year of MBA-specific studies to earn an MBA.

In addition to these unique programs, the Saïd Business School also focuses on entrepreneurship. All MBA students join entrepreneurship modules, developing ideas for their very own startups, and participate in Global Rules of the Game, which teaches business law and common business transactions, and Responsible Business, which teaches ethical decision making. No matter your goals for your future after university, the Saïd Business School brings together an international student body and one-of-a-kind experiences to prepare you for any career.

2. London Business School

London, UK

With a vibrant student body that draws students from both the U.K., U.S., and countries throughout Europe, the London Business School teaches a curriculum that’s solely focused on business – which is what makes it one of the very best places to earn an MBA. The London Business School’s MBA program mimics U.S.-based universities’ structure: students spend two years earning their MBA. The first year of study is focused on core business concepts like accounting, marketing, and electives that fit the student’s interests, from entrepreneurship to finance.

During the second year of study, all MBA students participate in a unique exchange program. Students can travel anywhere in the world through the London Business School’s Global Business Experience, spending time in China, Peru, Spain, or South Africa to name just a few places. While abroad, MBA students participate in workshops, special projects, and local small businesses. On top of this, students are also expected to join clubs to broaden their experience on campus and gain real work experience in the London community.

3. IE Business School, IE University

Madrid, Spain

IE University is highly reputable as a place of education, and the IE Business School is no different. The IE Business School is home to one of the world’s very best MBA programs, which is considered to be groundbreaking and at the forefront of the business field. IE Business School seeks students who want to lead, innovate, and create change in the world, which is exactly what you’ll study if you become an MBA student at this university. With a program that’s centered on entrepreneurship and global business, the IE Business School’s MBA program offers something for every driven student.

There are three MBA program options: a traditional full-time program, a blended in-person and online program, and an executive MBA program. The full-time MBA is the best option for experienced professionals who want to become managers and business leaders. No matter which MBA option you choose, the IE Business School will put you at the center of a global network. Over the course of one year, you’ll hone your competitiveness, gain valuable feedback, and study courses tailored to your professional goals.

4. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

London, UK

The University of Cambridge is home to many prestigious programs, but it’s also one of the best universities in Europe at which to earn an MBA degree. With a one-year, two-term program available for MBA students of all ages, you won’t simply study business basics and concepts. You’ll study at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, learning through practical projects, teamwork, research, and individual work.

The Judge Business School offers a 1-year MBA program that runs from September to August every year. Over the course of the program, MBA students spend one term studying business foundations, delving into analytics and understanding common business problems that arise. In the second term, students begin to practice decision making and work with model businesses. For the last two terms, MBA students put their knowledge into practice, applying their skills globally and working towards their careers after graduation. And every Judge MBA student chooses their own concentration, freeing you to study business from perspectives like Culture, Arts, and Media Management, Digital Transformation, or Health Strategies.


France / Singapore / Abu Dhabi

INSEAD is a unique university – it’s located in three different places, spreading its campuses throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and giving adults access to education in entirely new ways. The MBA program is the only one in Europe to include a language requirement, and its curriculum includes plenty of international experience and study. And there’s one incredible benefit to studying for your MBA at INSEAD: you’ll get the opportunity to customize your entire curriculum.

Over the course of 10 months, INSEAD MBA students must gain a basic working knowledge of two additional languages, study core business concepts, take electives, and complete a capstone program. But in addition to these basic MBA coursework components, INSEAD students get the chance to study at any of the university’s international campuses. Students can pick their location, opting to study anywhere that they’re interested – including Washington, D.C., Dubai, Singapore, or INSEAD’s home campus in Fontainebleau, France. While abroad, INSEAD MBA students are expected to start building their careers for a seamless transition back into the “real world.”

6. HEC Paris MBA, Paris-Saclay Innovation Cluster

Paris, France

If you want to earn an MBA because you’re interested in furthering your career through leadership opportunities, HEC Paris offers an MBA program that could be perfect for your goals. One of the top MBA programs in the world and a standout within Europe alone, HEC Paris’ MBA program is based at the Paris-Saclay Innovation Cluster, which is home to France’s very best research facilities, technological businesses and startups, and an entire cluster of universities packed with resources. Because of this, MBA students at HEC Paris can study while also bringing their business ideas to life.

The HEC Paris MBA program spans 16 months and helps students build their work experience and background. During the program, you’ll take on internships to gain professional, hands-on skills while also taking specialized courses that are scheduled in order to give you the flexibility to work if needed. Every course includes learning-by-doing or hands-on components, and there’s a strong focus on entrepreneurship throughout the entire program.

7. IMD MBA, IMD Business School

Lausanne, Switzerland

If you’ve spent years growing your career and don’t want to give up on your future by taking time off to earn an MBA, IMD Business School is one of the best universities in Europe to combine both your experience and your next career goals. The IMD MBA offered by IMD Business School is designed for professionals like you – people who want education that’ll be a huge benefit to real-life work experience and have a direct impact on your career. Based in Switzerland’s financial and luxury center, IMD Business School puts you in the perfect place to explore new business ventures while gaining better understanding of just how businesses work. With an incredibly diverse student body that’s filled with adults with long CVs and plenty of life experience, you’ll learn from one another as well.

The IMD MBA program is both one of the best and one of the most diverse in all of Europe. As you work towards your degree, you’ll participate in specialized study groups, work with project teams, and be put in scenarios that encourage cooperation and collaboration with people from different backgrounds and mindsets. IMD MBA focuses on building global business and networking skills, teaching you everything you need to work with others, achieve results, and develop your business judgement and decision making.

8. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Rotterdam, Netherlands

If you want an MBA program that’s certifiably the best in Europe, you won’t find one that’s more accredited and verified than the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University. According to TopMBA.com, the Rotterdam School of Management is triple-accredited, which means this is an MBA program that’s earned accreditation from the AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, as well as NVAO, a Dutch-based organization. But beyond these hard-to-earn accreditations, the Rotterdam School of Management offers a 1-year MBA program that’s focused on international business.

Earning your MBA at Rotterdam School of Management means you’ll spend four terms learning the foundations of managing businesses, putting those foundations and concepts into practice, preparing for your specific career goals, and learning through a three-week intensive management consulting project, which divides students into teams to solve a company’s business problems. Students can take on internships or work for professional companies anywhere in the world, gaining experience that counts towards coursework and helps prepare them for the world after graduation.

9. Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London

London, UK

There’s a reason London is home to so many MBA programs: it’s one of the world’s leading business cities, acting as a home base for some of the best and most impactful companies in Europe and far beyond. And at the Imperial College Business School, you can leverage the wealth of business opportunities located in London while earning your MBA. With an emphasis on technology and modern businesses impacting the larger world, Imperial College Business School features an MBA curriculum that’s focused on diving into global challenges like data science, climate change, and energy, while also helping students connect with businesses.

There are a few different program options for MBA students. At Imperial College Business School, you can choose to join a full-time MBA program, an executive MBA program, or the Imperial Global Online MBA. Each of these programs offers different benefits to different students, but all three share the same goal of preparing students who already have a bit of business experience for careers as leaders in every possible industry.

10. Mannheim Business School, Mannheim University

Mannheim, Germany

Germany may not be the first place you think of when you’re considering hubs of global business, but it’s certainly a country with plenty to offer in both business and renowned universities – and at Mannheim University, you can earn your MBA while exploring worldwide business and concepts taught by experienced management faculty. Additionally, you’ll be certain you’re getting the best education possible, as TopMBA.com reports Mannheim University’s Mannheim Business School is accredited by AACSB International, AMBS, and EQUIS.

Mannheim Business School also offers flexibility and plenty of options for MBA students who need something different. You can choose to study full-time, part-time, or as an executive MBA student, customizing your studies and the speed of your program to suit your needs and your responsibilities. All of the university’s MBA programs are taught in English, and you can take anywhere from one to two years to finish earning your MBA. Additionally, Mannheim Business School allows students to study abroad if they choose, thanks to cooperation programs with business schools in both Europe and other parts of the world.

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