Earning your MBA is an exciting adventure, but it does take time. And whether you’re a student jumping straight into business school after your undergraduate study or heading back to school to earn your MBA as a working adult, committing to years of classes and homework is a serious decision.

However, it is possible to complete your MBA in as little as one year. You just need to look beyond traditional MBA programs, which on average take between 20 and 24 months, or two years, to complete.

And if you’d like to get your MBA finished as quickly as possible, you aren’t alone. U.S. News reports that interest in two-year MBA programs is falling as more and more students look for programs that offer quicker routes to an MBA.

If you’re interested in speeding things up and earning your MBA as quickly as possible so you can advance your career, reach new heights, and work towards your goals, here are the options you need to consider.

One-Year MBA Programs

One-year MBA programs are designed to help students earn an MBA in just 12 months. And they can be a great option for those who want to jump into their careers quickly, accelerate their learning, or have years of experience behind them already.

A one-year MBA program tends to be more intensive than a two-year program. This simply means you’ll be expected to work faster, take more classes, and immerse yourself in the program material more quickly. You’ll focus primarily on the required classes needed to earn your MBA and take fewer electives, which makes a one-year MBA program a great choice for those who already know what they want to specialize or concentrate in.

Additionally, you may skip some parts of a traditional MBA program, like hands-on learning or mandatory internships. Many one-year MBA programs don’t require students to get an internship, as that will take away time you could be taking classes. And you may not need to work on research or other hands-on projects if you’re working on a quicker path to your MBA. Because one-year MBA programs tend to attract those with experience in business, you can often skip basic business courses as well and dive straight into more complex courses and material.

And there’s no reason to worry about completing a one-year MBA program. As admission consultants at MBA Crystal Ball write, one-year MBA programs are as equally respected as two-year MBA programs – and since you’re working at an accelerated pace, you’re putting in the same amount of work and learning the very same skills as a traditional student.

Accelerated MBA Programs

You can also choose to enroll in an accelerated MBA program. These quicker programs can be completed in one year, but it’s typically up to each individual student to set their own pace for completing classes and earning credits towards graduation.

Accelerated MBA programs are a great option for those who have quite a bit of experience on their resumes. If you’ve been working in a traditional business job, you’ll likely be prepared with the fundamentals of business and able to jump right into beginning MBA classes without much studying and, depending on the MBA program you choose, you may even be able to earn credits and skip certain classes based on your work experience.

In an accelerated MBA program, you’ll take more classes than the average student each semester or quarter and likely take classes year-round. Many accelerated MBA students take summer courses and double up on classes to speed through the university requirements.

Some accelerated MBA programs may also be online, which gives you even more freedom and flexibility. With an online MBA program, the accelerated option lets you study at your own pace, working as quickly as you’d like to and adding to your course load as you see fit.

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