If you’re a current college student who’s already thinking about your future after graduation, do you know what you want to do next? Graduating from college means job hunting and figuring out the first steps in your career.

You might be considering earning an advanced degree – and if so, an MBA Early Admission program could be the right choice for you. And if business is your chosen field, MBA Early Admission programs offer guaranteed admission to prestigious business universities.

An MBA Early Admission program is a fantastic option for current college students who want to set themselves up for a career in business. These programs allow college seniors to apply to MBA programs ahead of schedule and secure admission at schools like Stanford, Wharton, Harvard, and MIT. You’d be able to get into graduate school ahead of schedule and still enjoy working and gaining real-life experience for the next two years.

Is an MBA Early Admission program the right choice for you? Here are some of the biggest benefits of these programs for current college students.

You Can Apply as Early as Your Senior Year of Undergrad

If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, an MBA Early Admission program gives you the perfect opportunity to lay out the first years beyond earning your undergraduate degree. While most college seniors worry about finding a job and determining their next steps, an MBA Early Admission program eliminates those worries and sets you up for early success.

While you’re still completing your undergraduate degree, you can start applying to MBA programs and graduate business schools. Instead of waiting two years – or even longer – to apply for MBA programs, you can get a jump start. And you can find out if you’re accepted before you even graduate from college.

As a college senior, you’ll be able to complete your entire MBA application for early admission. This means you can take the GMAT, use your college grades and resume for your application, and write your essays while still a student. And, most importantly, you can secure a spot in a prestigious MBA program but still have the freedom to gain work experience after graduating college.

Applying as a college student means you could earn a coveted seat at the world’s best business schools, all without work experience on your resume.

You Can Get Accepted to an Elite Business School

One of the biggest benefits of MBA Early Admission programs is the guarantee they offer. You can apply early and reserve your spot at some of the most prestigious – and competitive – universities in the world.

While competition is still fierce for college students, applying for MBA Early Admission programs can offer an advantage. You won’t have to wait for years to figure out whether or not you’ll be accepted in business school. And you can secure your spot without work experience.

According to Poets and Quants, you can also stand out as an applicant, which can boost your application. Completing your business school application during your undergrad years can be a differentiating factor that helps prove your capability and success.

This makes MBA Early Admission especially beneficial for anyone interested in highly competitive or popular business specializations, like finance. If you aren’t able to gain acceptance while still an undergrad, you can change your field or specialization, gain experience, and reapply later on, increasing your odds of acceptance.

You’ll Have a Guaranteed Path to Your MBA

Traditionally, the path to business school is a complicated and long one. Most MBA students need work experience before they’re accepted into graduate school, and they need to prove their strength in their field. That means that many MBA applicants have anywhere from three to six years of work experience on their resumes.

This also means that MBA students can go through a number of challenges and changes along the way. You might have to apply to MBA programs multiple times or alter your work experience to match what business schools want to see. You may ultimately not apply for many, many years as life gets in the way.

However, when you apply to an MBA Early Admission program, your path to earning an MBA is much clearer and simpler. You’ll be guaranteed to start business school in two years. There won’t be any worry about which jobs you should work, how long you should wait, or how you can perfect your experience. You’ll have a university’s promise that on an exact date, your studies will begin.

You Can Take Risks Without Worrying About Your Future

Lastly, and most importantly, an MBA Early Admissions program offers college students freedom. While graduating from undergrad can be stressful and worrisome, if you’ve already been accepted into an MBA program, you won’t have to worry about your future.

As mentioned earlier, many MBA candidates try to tailor their career and jobs to what MBA programs want to see. However, when you’ve been guaranteed admission, you don’t have to worry about this. You can take any job you like or are interested in. Because there’s less pressure to build the perfect application, you’re free to explore more career and business possibilities.

And this can encourage you to take risks. With the guarantee of an MBA Early Admissions program, you may be more willing to explore nontraditional career paths, work at a nonprofit, test out jobs in unfamiliar fields, or jump at unique opportunities. This freedom can, in turn, give you a broader perspective on business that’s perfect for your MBA coursework.

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