Earning an MBA is a fantastic step for anyone’s career. It can launch your career to new heights, or help you break into an entirely new industry and field. And the education alone will teach you important skills and concepts valuable in any profession. However, earning an MBA does come with a cost. This graduate-level degree can cost thousands of dollars – but it doesn’t have to. Many top MBA programs can be joined for low tuition rates, making this prestigious graduate degree an affordable option for anyone.

1. Arizona State University – Carey School of Business

Tempe, Arizona

Estimated Program Tuition: $59,636 (Resident tuition)

Ranked as one of the top 10 affordable online MBA programs in the nation, the <BA program at Arizona State University boasts four program types (full-time, part-time, executive, and online), three dual degrees, and four areas of emphasis. Both the full-time and executive programs take 21 months to complete while part-time students may need up to four years to snag that diploma. The school reports 96% of graduates find employment within three months of graduating. This is probably due to a robust core curriculum that equips students with both general business skills and enhanced specializations.

For military students or those who have completed service programs like AmeriCorps, the program will wave your tuition fees.

2. Naval Postgraduate School – Graduate School of Business and Public Policy

Monterey, California

Estimated Program Tuition: $38,250

One of the best online Executive MBAs is offered by the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. The program has designed its MBA curriculum to meet the needs of U.S. Navy officers, Department of Defense civilian employees, and defense contractors, providing top-notch flexibility for students of all types. The 56-credit hour program is of the most affordable with a total tuition price below $40,000. Plus, the program’s AACSB accreditation makes it a sought after program as well.  The school houses the Center for Defense Management Research where students acquire a solid background in management fundamentals, financial management, and acquisition knowledge amongst other things. The faculty includes experts from the civilian workforce and the military. And the program requires 18 months for students to attend full time as part of their employment or military service. Applicants must have the approval of their employer or military command to attend the school.

3. University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Isenberg School of Business

Amherst, Massachusetts

Estimated Program Tuition: $0 through the Isenberg MBA Fellowship

The Isenberg School of Management MBA Program is accredited at the highest level by the AACSB, and has a strong emphasis on experiential, collaborative learning. As one of the first major accredited business schools to pioneer offering graduate education online, Isenberg is recognized as a leader in offering a high quality MBA that can be completed anytime, anywhere. All full-time MBA students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst take advantage of a fellowship that covers tuition for the entire two-year program and allows students to work on real-world business problems in a team environment. In addition to the general curriculum, the program offers specializations in analytics, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, sports management, and healthcare administration in their growing program. If you don’t want to commit full time, UMass also offers a hybrid part-time MBA where students can attend classes online or at satellite campuses.

4. Texas A&M University – A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business

Laredo, TX

Estimated tuition: $10,074

An affordably-priced MBA can be earned from Texas A&M University, and you’ll gain an international, global focus as you study through the MBA program offered at the A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business. This MBA program places an emphasis on international business, introducing students to concentrations and course that’ll prepare them for a career in any industry. From international banking and finance to international trade and logistics to basic business fundamentals, you’ll explore it all at Texas A&M. You can even work closely with businesses firsthand through internships and study abroad opportunities.

5. Fitchburg State University – Department of Business Administration

Fitchburg, MA

Estimated Tuition: $12,510

Need an MBA program that’s both flexible and affordable? The MBA program offered at Fitchburg State University is the perfect balance of both. Students can take classes during the evenings on campus, opt in to daytime classes during summer months, or pick up online courses if that’s an easier route. No matter how you choose to earn your MBA from Fitchburg State, most students finish in two to six years. Over the course of your classes and MBA coursework, you’ll study different concentrations like accounting and human resources while working at any pace that suits your schedule.

6. Albany State University – College of Business

Albany, GA

Estimated Tuition: As low as $191 per credit hour

Albany State University offers a reasonably priced – and outright affordable – MBA program for students who don’t want an advanced degree to break the bank. For a little less than $200 per credit hour, you’re able to enroll in an MBA program that’s focused on honing students’ problem-solving skills, technology knowledge, and professional competency. Over the course of this 30-credit program, students can work towards a general MBA or a specific specialization, such as accounting, healthcare, supply chains, or public administration. And even students who have yet to earn an undergraduate degree may be able to start classes.

7. West Texas A&M University – College of Business

Canyon, TX

Estimated Tuition: $7,531.22

West Texas A&M University offers a surprisingly affordable MBA program for students who want an advanced degree that’s tailored to specific interests and needs. This MBA program is flexible. Students can choose classes and concentrations that fit scheduling needs, from marketing to management to computer information systems. You can even choose to study on-campus or online, making it easy to complete the required 46 credits you’ll need to earn your MBA. Once ready for graduation, you’ll leave West Texas A&M with a portfolio meant to show off just how much you’ve gained, experienced, and learned during your graduate coursework.

8. Augusta University – Hull College of Business

Augusta, GA

Estimated tuition: $2,752 per semester

At August University, the Hull College of Business offers an MBA program that’s part of one of the top 300 business schools in America – and the tuition cost won’t break the bank. With an MBA program that’s focused on business technology students will need heading into the future, the Hull College MBA program at Augusta puts a strong emphasis on experiential learning, taking students’ knowledge outside of the classroom and putting them to work at real businesses. With a faculty focused on engaging learning activities and immersive lectures, you’ll find yourself gaining and honing professional skills quickly.

9. Tarleton State University – College of Business Administration

Stephenville, TX

Estimated tuition: $6,820 per semester

At Tarleton State University, the College of Business Administration is home to a very affordable MBA program for students of all backgrounds and experience levels. And you can knock out your entire MBA coursework and have a degree within 12 months. MBA students take classes totaling 30 credits in areas that cover all aspects of modern businesses, from hands-on learning and leadership to technology and information systems to accounting, finance, and marketing. And you can choose to study via the on-campus program in Texas or the all online program.

10. New Mexico Highlands University – School of Business, Media, and Technology

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Estimated tuition (New Mexico residents): $3,420 per semester

At New Mexico Highlands University, students can earn an MBA through an incredibly affordable program. With seven different business concentrations to choose from, this MBA program lets you delve into accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, and management, as well as other important business facets and skills. New Mexico Highlands University even offers strategy capstone courses to help wholly prepare future graduates. And with just 36 credits needed to earn your MBA, this affordable program is a smart financial choice.

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