An MBA, or master’s in business administration, is a smart choice for those looking to take the next steps in their careers and those who hope to one day lead in the business world. Absolutely anyone can earn their MBA and enjoy the perks that an MBA offers.

Earning an MBA degree can be a huge asset to your career. If you’re wondering what the benefits of getting an MBA are, here are just a few of the top reasons to consider one.

You’ll Gain Practical Skills

Even if you’ve been working for years and feel you’ve gained plenty of experience and practical skills, there are still many more things you can learn. Business changes rapidly, especially as economics and industries change, and heading back to school to study for a master’s in business administration can introduce you to a host of practical skills you don’t even realize you’ll need in the future.

As Harvard Business Review writes, MBA education changes to adapt with current business trends and operations. Though in the past MBA programs focused mostly on finance and accounting, today’s MBA program teach students how to respond to real-world business challenges that occur every day. You’ll learn organizational skills to lead teams and groups, work firsthand with supply chains, and crunch numbers as you study the ins and outs of tracking business finances.

You’ll Learn How to Be a Manager

Leadership is a crucial skill in any profession, but it’s especially important for anyone looking to run a company, become an entrepreneur, or oversee a business as an executive. If you don’t have much experience managing others and learning how to guide other employees, earning your MBA will teach you how to do exactly that.

MBA programs are designed to turn experienced students or employees into leaders, teaching hands-on and experiential management lessons through collaboration, lectures, and internships. In order to prepare graduates for senior positions out in the real world, MBA programs help people hone leadership skills into strong interpersonal skills, so they can work with anyone and any personality type.

As you earn your MBA, you’ll work with different lessons and people to better understand how to manage groups, individuals, and even entire companies or corporations. Ultimately, the goal of earning an MBA is to become a leader, and the path to this degree will shape you into a strong, successful manager.

You’ll Be Qualified for Better – and Different – Jobs

If you feel like you can’t advance in your career right now or that you need something to help stand out from the crowd of business professionals looking for a new career, earning an MBA could be the answer.

In fact, earning an MBA will allow you to pursue jobs that those without this advanced degree cannot. While there are many people who earn senior business positions without an MBA, having an MBA on your resume can make you a more appealing candidate, especially when you’re interested in becoming an executive.

No matter which field you’d like to ultimately work in, having an MBA shows that you’ve invested in your education and in your career as you’ve continued learning and progressing to gain skills. An MBA can prove your worth and value to a company, and it can set you up for more opportunities at a wider range of positions in so many different industries.

You’ll Meet People Who Can Help Your Career

Networking is an important component of any business career, but it can be difficult if you aren’t well connected or simply don’t have many opportunities to meet other professionals. Earning your MBA, however, puts you in immediate contact with an entire network of experienced business professionals thanks to the education you receive.

As Harvard Business Review points out, every MBA program encourages students to work in groups and learn from peers. Plus, enrolling in an MBA program welcomes you into a huge alumni network. An alumni network that is filled with individuals who’ve earned their MBAs from the very same program and university. Getting in touch with your fellow alumni during or after your MBA program means you’ll be able to ask about job opportunities, network more easily, and learn from others’ experiences.

Being part of an alumni network can create incredibly valuable possibilities for you in a unique way. Your fellow alumni can offer support, guidance, mentoring, and even help with your job search and career choices as they offer their own resources and network connections.

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